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Decree No. 9 of 2002 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development on killing, meat inspection and marketing of wild and reared game, as well as on rabbit meat inspection.

Type of law

This Decree shall be applied to the preparation, marketing of game meat, to persons and business organizations carrying out the slaughtering, preparation, marketing of reared game and rabbit and to persons entitled to hunting. The Decree rules in detail the process of slaughtering, meat inspection, marking, transport of game meat, reporting about animal diseases found during the inspection. There are separate rules for rabbit meat inspection. Annexes to this Decree contain hygiene requisites of collection places, slaughter houses and processing plants, give the criteria of meat inspection, show model certificate for game meat transport and model certificate of veterinary justification of game killing and of the death of trophy game, establish the classification of game and rabbit meat from the point of view of edibility, rule the marking of killed game and game meat, packaging, as well as the marking of rabbit meat and model of rabbit meat marks.
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This Decree comes into force on 1 January 2003.
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Collection of Hungarian Rules of Law in Force.
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