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Law No. 45/2009 amending Law No. 31/2004 on Fisheries.

Type of law

This Law amends the Fisheries Law No. 31/2004 by making changes to several articles of the Law and by inserting new provisions.
Amendments to the Law cover various issues regarding the development, management and conservation of fisheries including: management and conservation of fish resources; fishing gear and fishing methods; foreign fishing; aquaculture; fishing vessels and fishing ports; provisions to favour minor fishermen and minor fish cultivators; control and law enforcement in the handling of criminal acts in the fishery field; application of sanctions; etc.
The Law, among other things, amends the definition of "small fishers", requires the Minister to define "fisheries ports", and defines the role of fishery supervisors . The Law requires every fishing vessel and fish transporting vessel shall land the fish in a designated fishing port or other designated port.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Law enters into force on 29 October 2009.
Serial Imprint
Business News Nos. 7910-7911, 27 January 2010, pp. 27A-31A; continued on Business News No. 7912, 29 January 2010, pp. 23A-33A; continued on Business News Nos. 7913-7914, 3 February 2010, pp. 2A-18A.
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