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European Communities (Water Policy) Regulations, 2003 (S.I. No. 722 of 2003).

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These Regulations, in implementing the provisions of the EU Water Framework Directive, establish seven areas in the State as "river basin districts" (RBDs) of which three relate to cross-border river basins shared with Northern Ireland. They require local authorities, acting jointly in relation to each RBD, to establish environmental objectives, to establish programmes of measures for the achievement of these objectives, to make river basin management plans and to establish river basin district advisory councils. Further they provide for coordination and guidance at national level by the Minister and the EPA and require all public authorities to take measures appropriate to their functions to promote or achieve implementation of the Directive or Regulations, to coordinate, cooperate and liaise with other authorities including authorities in Northern Ireland for this purpose and to encourage the active involvement of all interested parties.
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