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Presidential Decree No. 502 updating the provisions in matter of processing and marketing of bread, in accordance with article 50 of Act No. 146 of 22 February 1994.

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The Presidential Decree lays down amendments to Act No. 580 of 4 July 1967 in matter of processing and marketing of bread. The provisions of the Decree shall not apply to bread lawfully produced or marketed in the Member States. Bread obtained through bread partially cooked (deep-frozen or non deep-frozen) must be placed on the market separated from newly-baked bread. The labels must provide all the information required, on the one hand, by Legislative Decree No. 109 of 1992 and, on the other hand, by article 1 of this Decree. Article 2 lists out the specific product names to be used for the marketing of bread obtained by mixing different types of flour. The list of ingredients provided in the label shall include the flour that has been used as well. Article 3 specifies the yeast as well as the substances that may be used (such as malt cereal flour, malt extracts). Article 7 regulates bread transport.
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The Presidential Decree has entered into force on 16 February 1999.
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