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Regional Act No. 12 protecting and promoting agricultural and agro-industrial quality products.

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The Veneto Region encourages marketing initiatives related to agricultural and agro-industrial products, with a view to guaranteeing the protection of consumers. Therefore, the Regional Council is authorized, under article 2 of this Act, to request the registration of quality marks of the above-mentioned products. Within ninety days from the entry into force of this Act the Regional Council shall adopt provisions in order to (a) determine the designation of the mark concerned; (b) regulate the procedure intended for the concession of the use of such marks. The Regional Council, furthermore, shall designate those agricultural and agro-industrial products to which the marks shall pertain and shall also approve the related disciplinary standards (art. 2, par. 3). The Technical and Scientific Committee is established by article 3 under the Regional Council. Article 5 regulates the concession entitling beneficiaries to use the marks. Article 8 sets out labelling conditions to be fulfilled by the holders of the concession, including those requirements established by article 2 of Legislative Decree No. 109 of 1992. Article 9 deals with studies, surveys and information campaigns to be promoted by the Regional Council and refers to subsidies to be granted as well. Controls shall be performed by the regional authority so as to guarantee the effective compliance with this Act.
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This Regional Act repeals Regional Act No. 11 of 8 March 1988.
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