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Cabinet Regulation No. 487 of 2016 on Energy Audit of Enterprises

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The Regulation prescribes the procedures by which the energy audit of enterprises shall be conducted - a procedure which is carried out in enterprises to obtain information regarding all energy consumption structures of the enterprise for which profitable energy saving possibilities are determined in figures, and the results of which are aggregated in a report prepared and issued by an energy auditor of enterprises; the competence requirements to be put forward for the energy auditor (legal person) and the procedures for the certification of the competence; the procedures for the supervision of the energy auditor and responsibility thereof; the procedures by which the energy audit report shall be registered in the information system managed by the Ministry of Economics; the content of the energy audit report and procedures for its use; the procedures by which the environmental management system shall be supplemented; the procedures by which such supplementation of the environmental management system is certified which ensures continuous evaluation process of the energy consumption; the authorities which are entitled to certify the supplementation referred to in Sub-paragraph 1.6 of this Regulation; and the standard applicable to the certification of the environmental management system. The energy audit for the buildings of enterprises the total energy consumption of which is 90 % (or more) of the total energy consumption of the enterprise and it is not related to ensuring the production process, as well as inspection of the heating systems and air conditioning systems of buildings shall be carried out in conformity with the requirements which are laid down in the laws and regulations regarding the ensuring of energy performance of buildings.
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Latvijas V stnesis, 143, 27.07.2016.
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Ministru kabineta noteikumi Nr. 487 2016.gada Uz mumu energoaudita noteikumi