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Cabinet Regulation No. 668 of 2016 on Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Applicable Energy Management System Standard

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The Regulation prescribes the procedures for the operation and structure of the energy efficiency monitoring system; the procedures by which a State institution or local government must report on putting in place and certification of an energy management system, as well as reporting terms, the content of the report and the documents to be annexed thereto and report on the energy savings acquired as a result of the implementation of the energy management system; the procedures by which a large enterprise or a large electricity consumer must report on carrying out of a mandatory energy audit or on putting in place of a certified energy management system or certified environmental management system (which has been supplemented in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations) and the proposed energy efficiency improvement measures, and report on the implemented energy efficiency measures and energy savings achieved as a result; the procedures by which the obligated party of the energy efficiency obligation scheme must report on the energy savings; the energy management standard applicable for implementation of the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Law; and the procedures by which putting in place of the energy management system is verified and approved.
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