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Cabinet Regulation No. 769 of 2012 on Participation of Stationary Technological Installations in the Emission Allowance Trading Scheme of the European Union

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This Regulation prescribes the procedures by which a greenhouse gas emission permit must be requested and obtained for the polluting activities referred to in Annex 2 to the Law On Pollution; the procedures by which an application must be submitted and a permit may be received for such activities referred in the Law, the production capacity of which or the produced production volume does not exceed the thresholds referred to in Annex 2 to the Law On Pollution; the template of the application for the receipt of a permit and the template of the permit; the time period in which an operator notifies the regional environmental board of the State Environmental Service regarding activity changes; the procedures by which monitoring of the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the emissions trading system are performed; and the procedures by which an annual emissions report is verified and approved.
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