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Cabinet Regulation No. 960 of 2010 on Procedures for Assessing the Conformity of Poultrymeat and Eggs with the Classification and Quality Requirements

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The Regulation prescribes the procedures for assessing the conformity of poultrymeat and eggs with the classification and quality requirements. The classification and quality requirements of poultrymeat and eggs according to marketing standards is determined by: 2.1. Commission Regulation (EC) No 543/2008 of 16 June 2008 laying down detailed rules for the application of Council Regulation (EC) No 1234/2007 as regards the marketing standards for poultrymeat (hereinafter Regulation No 543/2008); and 2.2. Commission Regulation (EC) No 589/2008 of 23 June 2008 laying down detailed rules for implementing Council Regulation (EC) No 1234/2007 as regards marketing standards for eggs (hereinafter Regulation No 589/2008). The Regulation shall not apply to small quantities of poultrymeat and eggs that are directly delivered to a final consumer or to a retail establishment which delivers such meat and eggs directly to the final consumer. In relation to the application of the requirements of Regulation No 543/2008 and Regulation No 589/2008, the supervision and control functions of the competent authority shall be performed by the Food and Veterinary Service.
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Latvijas V stnesis, 164, 15.10.2010.
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Ministru kabineta noteikumi Nr.960 2010.gada K rt ba, k d nov rt jama m jputnu ga as un olu atbilst ba klasifik cijas un kvalit tes pras b m