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Electricity Market Law (2005)

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This Law regulates electricity market. Its purpose is to establish prerequisites for the operation of an efficiently functioning electricity market; to ensure that, taking into account the requirements of laws and regulations, all energy customers are provided with electricity in a safe and qualitative manner, in the most efficient possible way for justified prices; to ensure all customers with the right to choose an electricity trader freely; to promote the production of electricity by using renewable energy resources; to promote energy independence ensuring different suppliers of energy resources necessary for production of electricity. This Law governs the types of activities to be performed in the electricity market, which shall include the production of electricity, transmission of electricity, distribution of electricity, trade of electricity as a free circulation commodity and the provision of services necessary for the trade thereof. This Law shall determine the requirements, which the participants of the electricity market and the participants of the electricity system shall observe in their activities in the electricity market, as well as the responsibility for non-complying with the requirements of this Law. This Law also determines the competence of the ministry responsible for the energy industry and the Public Utilities Commission in the monitoring and regulation of the electricity market.
Date of consolidation/reprint
The Latvian version of this Law is consolidated as at 23 November 2016.
Serial Imprint
Latvijas V stnesis, 82, 25.05.2005.; Latvijas Republikas Saeimas un Ministru Kabineta Zi ot js, 12, 22.06.2005.
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Elektroener ijas tirgus likums (2005)