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Act No. 152 of 2007 amending the Soil Protection Act and various other Acts in relation to new rules for the application of construction materials, soil and dredging mud.

Type of law

This Act amends: (a) the Soil Protection Act in various provisions in relation with the making of Orders and by inserting new sections 12A and 12B concerning the regulation by Order of the use of construction materials and dredging mud in the subsoil and a certain discretionary power of competent authorities to decide to grant exemptions from certain restrictions; (b) the Environment Protection by amending in section 1 the definition of useful application ; and (c) the Act on Pollution of Surface Waters in section 2A in relation with the making of Orders and in section 2C concerning the applicability of section 12A of the Soil Protection Act to an Order made under section 2A. The Act also amends the Economic Offences Act.
Date of text
Serial Imprint
Staatsblad No. 152, 1 May 2007, pp. 1-4.
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Legislation Amendment