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Decree No. 168 of 1996 containing rules for horticultural enterprises with covered cultivations.

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This Regulation contains general rules for the prevention and limitation of harmful effects on the environment caused by horticulture with covered cultivations. This category is defined by article 1.1 of the Environment Protection Act. Covered cultivation shall be carried out in accordance with directions outlined in the Attachment to this Regulation. Who intends to start covered horticulture shall give notice at least four weeks before starting to the inspector and the appropriate authorities (art. 3). Also a preliminary research shall be carried out by the person who intends to start a cultivation and the results shall be communicated to the appropriate authority without delay (art. 4). The directions outlined in the Attachment concern various matters such as use of pesticides and fertilizers, use of other harmful substances, soil protection, waste matters, heating installations, etc. (8 articles completed by 2 Annexes)
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Staatsblad No. 168, 26 March 1996, 68 pp.
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