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Decree no. BWBR0016767 of 27 May 2004, containing environmental quality requirements for the external safety of environmental management establishments (Decree on the external safety of establishments).

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This Decree, implementing provisions of articles 5.1 first and fourth paragraphs, 5.2 first paragraph, 5.3 first and second paragraphs, 8.7 first paragraph, 8.44, and 21.8 of the Environmental Management Act, and articles 19.a twelfth paragraph and 36 of the Spatial Planning Act, applies to the issuance of environmental permits for activities concerning: storage and transport of hazardous and dangerous substances; packaging of hazardous waste and hazardous substances; storage of hazardous flammable substances, in compliance with European Legislation on the matter. The Decree concerns: zoning plan and spatial planning and activities covered by the Decree; activities and risk evaluation; determination of site-specific risk and group risk; disasters and remedies.
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State Gazette no. 250 of 2004.
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Legislation Amendment
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Besluit nr. BWBR0016767 van 27 mei 2004, houdende milieukwaliteitseisen voor externe veiligheid van inrichtingen milieubeheer (Besluit externe veiligheid inrichtingen).