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Decree no. BWBR0035090 of 1 April 2014, containing rules with regard to the contained use and deliberate release into the environment of genetically modified organisms.

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This Decree, made under the provisions of the Environmental Management Act, concerns: genetically modified organisms, including plants, plants products and micro-organisms; containment measures with regard to transport, manufacturing and import of genetically modified organisms; deliberate release, as the deliberate introduction of organisms into the environment; genetic material; environmental risk assessment; labelling and packaging of genetically modified organisms to be transported; classification of levels and categories of physical containment on the basis of the risk assessment; safety procedures in the event of unusual incidents; environmental permits related to activities and licensed use of genetically modified organisms; procedure for granting, amending and revoking the licence in case of deliberate introduction of organisms into the environment; intentional release and placing on the market of products containing genetically modified organisms. The annexes include: list of techniques leading to a genetically modified organisms; classification of physical containment.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version, as last amended by the Decree of 20 October 2022, published in the Official Gazette no. 407 of 2022.
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Official Gazette no. 157 of 2014.
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Besluit nr. BWBR0035090 van 1 april 2014, houdende regels met betrekking tot het ingeperkt gebruik en de doelbewuste introductie in het milieu van genetisch gemodificeerde organismen.