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Act No. 34 of 1994 relative to the registration of the first purchasers of raw fish.

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This Act aims at the control of turnover of fish in sales immediately after catch. "First purchaser" is defined in section 1 of Act No. 3 of 1951 concerning the sale of raw fish. It is forbidden to purchase in first instance fish by persons other than those registered with the Directorate of Fisheries as buyers in first instance. One of the conditions which may be imposed for registration is that the buyer shall observe the rules of the sales organization as laid down in section 4 of Act No. 3 of 1951. The Directorate of Fisheries may grant exemptions from rules of the present Act. (7 sections)
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Entry into force on a date to be fixed by Royal Decree.
The Norwegian text is a consolidated version of Act No. 34 of 1994 as at 14 March 2008 and amended last by Act No. 18 of 2004.
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Lov om registrering som kj per i f rste h nd av r fisk m.v.