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Decree No. 1401 of 1997 to regulate fishing for lumpfish in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark in 1998.

Type of law

The Decree prohibits in general the fishing for lumpfish in the marine areas described in the title. However, section 2 allows single vessels to fish a quantity of lumpfish expressed in 2 000 litres of lumpfish roe. Only vessels which meet the criteria set out in section 3 are allowed to fish: vessel under 13 meters of length shall be registered and the owner of the vessels shall have been included in Part B of the Fishermen's Census. Owners of vessels taller than 13 meters shall not only meet these criteria but shall also have participated in fishing and landing of lumpfish in 1995,1996, and 1997. No hired vessels are allowed (sect. 4) nor a hired captain. No vessels are allowed to fish or land more than one quota (sect. 6). (10 sections)
Date of text
Entry into force notes
1 January 1998.;Remains in force until the end of 1998.
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