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Act No. 40 of 1983 relating to sea-water fisheries.

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An Act to regulate marine fisheries, with the exception of fishing for anadromous salmon. Chapters II, III or X and section 24 shall apply also to hunting of seals and whaling. "Fish" shall include also crustaceans, echinodermata, and molluscs and This Act shall apply: (a) in waters under Norwegian jurisdiction; (b) in waters outside any national fishery jurisdiction if it concerns a Norwegian vessel; (c) in waters of the fisheries jurisdiction of a foreign state if hunting or fishing is carried out by a Norwegian vessel but only of it concerns matters of chapters II, III or X and section 24.
The text of the Act consists of 53 sections which are divided into 11 Chapters: Scope of the Act (I); Restrictions on fishing, etc. (II); Use, discarding and sale of catches (III); Fishing and hunting at sea on Sundays and holidays (IV); Rules for good order on fishing grounds etc. (V); Salvaging gear (VI); Committees and local surveillance (VII); Compensation of damages (VIII); Control and enforcement (IX); Penal provisions, procedural rules, etc. (X); Entry into force; Repeal and amendment of other Acts (XI).
Regulation making powers of the Minister are specified in section 4. Sections of Chapter II provide for the allocation of vessel and other catch quotas and the permission for trawl fishing. Rules of Chapter 5 place restrictions on the use of hooks, short seine, purse seines, drift-nets, trawls, Danish seines, use of explosives, setting of moored nets, fishing near aquaculture installations, etc. Committees may be elected for specific districts upon decision of the Minister. These Committees may regulate fishing in accordance with provisions of this Act in their respective districts.
Date of consolidation/reprint
The Norwegian text is a consolidated version of Act No. 40 of 1983 as at 19 February 2008 and amended last by Act No. 96 of 2006.The English text is a translation of a Norwegian version updated probably last on 13 June 1997 by Act No. 44 of 1997.All enactments listed in subsection 55(1) are repealed; all enactments listed in subsection 55(2) are amended.
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Lov om saltvannsfiske m.v.
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