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Decree No. 1825 of 2002 to regulate fishing by vessels of the Russian Federation in the Norwegian Economic Zone and in the Fisheries Zone of Jan Mayen in 2003.

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Vessels of the Russian Federation shall have the right to fish the following total allowable catch north of the 62nd parallel between the 12 and 200 nautical miles zone calculated from the baseline of Norway and outside of the adjacent area in the Barents Sea as covered by an Agreement between the two States of 1978 and in the fisheries zone of Jan Mayen between 4 and 200 nautical miles: 140.000 tons of Norwegian arctic cod, 20.000 tons of Norwegian arctic haddock, 23.667 tons of Norwegian young herring, 120.000 tons of capelin, 5.000 tons of catfish, 3.000 of other fish species including bycatch, 5.000 tons of coalfish including bycatch, 2.000 tons of redfish. In the fisheries zone of Jan Mayen another 2.000 tons of young herring may be fished. Finally, in an area north of 62 N and west of a straight line connecting the coordinates indicated in section 1, comma 3, and the fishery zone of Jan Mayen between 4 and 200 nautical miles, 41.542 of blue whiting is allocated. The remaining provisions specify maximum allowable quotas of bycatch, prohibit fishing during certain periods, and regulate experimental fishing. (16 sections)
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Remains in force for the whole year 2003.
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