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Decree No. 2 of 1977 on foreign fishing and hunting operations in the Norwegian economic zone of Norway and landing of fish in Norwegian ports.

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This Decree s regulations apply to the Economic Zone off the Norwegian coast for any foreign vessels fishing, hunting and transshipping for commercial purposes. These regulations also apply to foreign vessels landing their catch or otherwise using a Norwegian port, as well as to vessels assisting fishing fleets, including transport vessels. It is not permitted to foreign fishing vessels without authorized license. The Decree provides for: application and granting of fishing licence; criteria for refusal or withdrawal of such licence; provisions on duty to notify catch; catch logbooks. Licenses shall be granted by the Director of Fisheries and made available for on board for inspection. They will be cancelled once the total allowable catch quota of the country of origin has been reached. Fishing vessels must be identified according to the FAO Standard Specification for Marking and Identification of Fishing Vessels. The Decree also provides guidelines for the use of Norwegian ports by vessels wishing to land fish caught by other vessels and other port state measures such as port access authorization for vessels fishing in ICCAT, NEAFC or NAFO areas. Vessels with catch from the NEAFC Convention area landing or otherwise using Norwegian ports shall send prior notification. Vessels with frozen fish on board shall report 24 hours before arrival to harbor. The Directorate of Fisheries may grant exemptions from these deadlines. Vessels with fresh fish only on board and those authorized of transshipment in ports or in territorial waters shall notify 4 hours prior to arrival to port. For vessels with flag from a country not being party to the NEAFC it is forbidden to use Norwegian ports should the flag State not be confirmed and accepted by the Directorate of Fisheries. Article no. 23a of the Wild Marine Resources Act does not apply to vessels with a fishing license. Art. 12: Vessels which do not fly a NEAFC country flag and is engaging in fishing and hunting or assisting fishing fleets in the landing or otherwise using Norwegian ports shall, regardless of their catch, report in advance at least 3 working days prior to arrival to port.
Appendix 1 - Automatic return notification in digital reporting.
Appendix 2 - Manual fax notification transmission.
Appendix 3 - Port State control form - PSC 1.
Appendix 4 - Port State control form - PSC 2.
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Consolidated version of Decree No. 2 of 1977 amended last by Decree No. 2214 of 2018.
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Forskrift om utlendingers fiske og fangst i Norges konomiske sone og landinger til norsk havn.
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