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Decree No. 733 to regulate fishing for shrimps by vessels of the European Union in fishery protection zones around Svalbard.

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This Decree allows maximum twelve vessels flying the flag of member states of the European Union to have access to shrimp fishing in the fisheries protection zones around Svalbard. Also the total of vessels fishing for shrimp in the fisheries protection zones around Svalbard and the territorial waters and inner waters of Svalbard combined shall not be more than four (sect. 1). The vessels which participate in shrimp fishing shall first register with the Directorate of Fisheries through notification. The Directorate may issue further directions regarding registration (sect. 2). Infringements of the provisions of the present Decree shall be punished in accordance with sections 8 and 9 of Act No. 91 of 1976 establishing the Norwegian Economic Zone. The Title is amended by replacing "European Union" by "The European Communities". The amendment of section 1 allows the vessels to fish for a total of 519 days per calendar year in all the fishing areas combined. The amendment of section 2 allows for the transfer of the right to participate of an admitted vessel to another registered vessel.
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Decree No. 733 of 1996 as at 18 January 2008 and amended last by Decree No. 953 of 2005.
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Forskrift om fiske etter reker med fart y fra medlemsstater i Det europeiske felleskap i fiskevernsonen ved Svalbard.