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Decree to regulate fishing for Norwegian young herring with vessels which carry the Islandic flag in the Norwegian economic zone and the fishery zone of Jan Mayen in 1999.

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This Decree applies to fishing by vessels of flying the flag of Iceland, including support and research vessels, within a zone from 4 to 200 nautical miles calculated from the baseline of Jan Mayen. Section 2 establishes a total allowable catch of 202 000 tons. Maximum 9000 tons of this quantity may be fished north of the 62 parallel. Infringement of rules established by the present Decree shall be punishable in accordance with provisions of Act No. 91 of 1976. Section 3 establishes a closed season from 1 February to 30 March for purse seine vessels of minimum 27,5 meters of length south of 67 30' N. (6 sections)
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Remains in force until the end of 1999.
Consolidated text of Decree No. 1407 of 1998 as amended by Decree No. 267 of 1999.Also based on Royal Decree establishing a fisheries zone of Jan Mayen.
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