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Regulation No. 607 on landing and contractual agreeement.

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Purpose of this Decree is to ensure sustainable management of the natural marine resources through registration of information on fishery catch to be used in resource control, quota control and for statistical purposes. It applies to any landing, receipt, trade, storage, transport, reload, delivery and production of fish. Regulations apply to landing and sale of fish from Norwegian vessels wherever they are located and from foreign vessels that are in Norwegian territorial waters and internal waters - as specified in Act No. 91 of 1976. The municipal office of Directorate of Fishing regulates the document and ensures that processes and activities thereof comply with the Regulation. The Decree specifies information that must be provided on landing and transshipment by vessels that land fish (landing note) and procedures regarding delivery of the landing information.
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Consolidated version as amended last by Decree No. 220 of 2020.
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Legislation Amendment
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Forskrift om landings- og sluttseddel.