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Regulation No. 71 on fishing by vessels flying the flag of Member States of the EU in the Norwegian economic zone and the fishery zone around Jan Mayen in 2013.

Type of law

It is prohibited to EU member state vessels to fish in the economic zone and the fishery zone around Jan Mayen, between 12 and 200 nautical miles from the baseline with the exception of the EEZ north of 62 N, where total allowable catch quota is equivalent to 18 202 ton of cod, 1 350 tons of haddock, 2 550 ton of saithe, 11 788 tons of mackerel in ICES zone IIa (this quota may also apply to the ICES area Iva), 1 500 tons bycatch of redfish (Sebastes mentella and Sebastes marinus), 350 tons bycatch of other species, and 50 tons bycatch of Greenland halibut. It is permitted to fish up to 113 630 tons of blue whiting in the Norwegian economic zone 62 N and the fishery zone around Jan Mayen. It is prohibited to fish with trawl mesh (120-130 mm.) and fishing for silver smelt and blue whiting with small-meshed trawls in the economic zone listed under article 7 of this Regulation, while by-catch shall not exceed 5% of herring and other fish, and 10% of protected species.
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Entry into force notes
Immediate entry into force with validity to 31 December 2013.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
FOR 2013-01-25 nr 71: Forskrift om regulering av fisket med fart y som f rer flagg fra medlemsstater i Den europeiske union (EU) i Norges konomiske sone og i fiskerisonen ved Jan Mayen i 2013.