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Decree-Law No. 28/96 approving EU Council Directive No. 93/119/EU of 22 December concerning animal protection during slaughtering.

Type of law

This Decree-Law, in compliance with EU Council Directive No. 93/119/EU, establishes measures on animal protection during slaughtering. It is divided into 3 Chapters prescribing: animal protection requirements and sanctions for non compliance (Annex A); cases in which this Decree-Law does not apply (art. 1); slaughterhouse requirements (anaesthetising, handling and slaughtering the animal without causing its suffering). The present text also establishes the procedures to be followed in cases where animals have been slaughtered outside slaughterhouses. Slaughter requirements are specified in the following annexes: anaesthetising and animal containers (Annex B); handling and killing the animal (Annex C); authorized slaughtering methods (Annex D); animal bleeding (Annex E); authorized slaughtering methods used against pests (Annex F); authorized slaughtering methods for animal skin exploitation (Annex G); authorized slaughtering methods for hatching embryos (Annex H).
Date of text
This Decree-Law revokes Decree-Law No. 201/90 of 19 June.
Serial Imprint
Di rio da Rep blica No. 79/96 (I-A), 2 April 1996, pp. 682-689.
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Legislation status
in force
Legislation Amendment
Original title
Decreto-Lei n. 28/96: Transp e para a ordem jur dica interna a Directiva n. 93/119/CE, do Conselho, de 22 de Dezembro, relativa protec o dos animais no abate e ou occis o.