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Federal Law No. 93-FZ regarding addenda to the article 50 of the Law of the RSFSR No. 2060-1 on environmental protection.

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Paragraph 3 is supplemented with the following wording: except for cases envisaged by the present Law ; paragraph 4 is supplemented with the following passage: Import to the Russian Federation form foreign states irradiated thermo-generating components of nuclear reactors for temporary technological storage and/or for their processing is authorized after state environmental audit of the respective projects envisaged by the Russian legislation. The modalities of import of the aforesaid commodities must be established by the Russian government taking into consideration the main principles of ensuring non-proliferation of nuclear arms, environmental protection and economic interests of the Russian federation, taking into account the priority of restitution after processing of radioactive waste to the country of origin.
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The Federal Law enters into force from the date of its official publication.
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