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Maritime Safety Administration Act 2009 (No. 8 of 2009).

Type of law

This Act provides for the establishment of the Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Administration. The Administration shall be responsible for administering, applying and enforcing the Shipping Act 1998, and any other law applying to the maritime sector in Solomon Islands, unless otherwise provided for. References to the Marine Division or the Marine Department in the Shipping Act 1998, and in any other law, shall be deemed to be references to the Administration, and the Administration is empowered accordingly. The Administration shall, among other things, inspect, survey and register vessels. It may delegate functions relating to marine pollution prevention and response in port areas to the Ports Authority. The Act further provides, among other things, for the implementation of franchise shipping schemes and the management of maritime infrastructure and defines the functions of the Administration and the Minister in relation to international agreements. It also states the guidance principles for the Administration, which includes the polluter pays principle and the precautionary principle.
Long title of text
An Act to establish the Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Administration and to provide its functions and powers and to regulate franchise shipping schemes, management of maritime infrastructure and implementation of maritime conventions and agreements and for related matters.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Act commences on a date appointed by the Minister, by Notice in the Gazette.
The following Regulations made under the Shipping Act (Cap. 163) shall remain valid when that Act is repealed under section 30(2):(a) the Shipping Regulations; (b) the Shipping (Dangerous Goods) Regulations; (c) the Shipping (Notification) Regulations 1997 (L/N 73/97); and (d) the Maritime Security Regulations 2004 (L/N 145/06).The Shipping Act (Cap. 163) shall be repealed upon publication of a notice by the Minister, by Notice in the Gazette.
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