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Solomon Islands Water Authority Act 1992 (No. 16 of 1992).

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This Act establishes the Water Authority as a body corporate. The objects of the Authority shall be: (a) to ensure that water resources allocated for urban water supply are properly managed, distributed, allocated and used in ways which are consistent with proper water management practices; (b) to provide water and related services to meet the needs for users in a commercial manner consistent with the overall policies of the Government. The functions of the Authority shall include: (a) to control, regulate, develop, manage, conserve and utilise urban water resources in the best interests, of Solomon Islands; (b) to formulate national policies relating to the control and use of urban water resources; and (c) to ensure that the water supplied for consumption meets the prescribed water quality standards. The Minister, on the recommendation of the Authority, may declare an area to be a catchment area. The Authority may enter into an agreement with the owner of any land providing for the construction of works. The Act also defines offences such as the illegal diversion of water and provides, among other things, for the compulsory acquisition of land by the Authority.
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An Act to make provision for the establishment of a Water Authority for Solomon Islands, to provide for the proper management and development of urban water resources and services and sewerage services in Solomon Islands and for other matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
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