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Act on trading of emission quotas.

Type of law

The Act establishes: trading of emission quotas of greenhouse gas in Slovak Republic, European Union and between persons registered in the Slovak Republic and persons registered in the countries specified in Annex B of the Kyoto Protocol, which supports limitation of emission of greenhouse gas with economical convenient way (trading scheme); trading of emission quotas of pollutants (trading system); rights and obligations of operators of plants, other members of the trading scheme and other members of the trading systems; competences of State administration organs. The Act is composed of the following Sections: (1) Fundamental provisions; (2) Trading of quotas; (3) State administration; (4) Common, temporary and final provisions.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
The Act enters into force on 1 November 2004.
Serial Imprint
Collection of Laws No. 572 of 2004.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Zakon o obchodovani s emisnymi kvotami a o zmene a doplneni niektorych zakonov.