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Law No. 72 On consumer protection .

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This Law regulates the relations between consumers and manufacturers, performers and traders in the sale of goods (works, services), establishes the rights of consumers to purchase goods (works, services) of proper quality and safe for life and health, to receive information about goods (works, services) and their manufacturers (performers, traders), ensures state and public protection of consumers' interests, as well as defines the mechanism for the implementation of these rights. The consumer has the right to: (a) information on goods (works, services), as well as their manufacturers (performers, sellers); (b) safety of goods (works, services); (c) free choice of goods (works, services); (d) proper quality of goods (works, services); (e) compensation in full amount of losses (damages) caused as a result of deficiencies of goods (works, services); (f) appeal to the court or other state bodies for the protection of their rights and interests; (g) establishment of public associations of consumers; and (h) submission of proposals to the manufacturer (seller) to improve the quality of goods (works, services). The manufacturer is obliged to establish the shelf life for foodstuffs. Requirements that must ensure the safety of goods (work, services) for the life and health of the consumer, the environment, as well as the prevention of damage to the property of the consumer, are mandatory and are established by law. Trade of commodities without label indicating pass of mandatory certification in state and Russian languages shall be prohibited. This Law consists of V Chapters divided into 44 Articles. Chapter I lays down general provisions. Chapter II establishes the procedure for consumer protection in the process of selling of goods. Chapter III establishes the procedure for consumer protection in the process of performance of works (services), Chapter IV regards state and social protection of consumers. Chapter V lays down final provisions.
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