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Regulation on Packaging Waste Management.

Type of law

This Regulation lays down provisions for the development and protection of the environment in a sustainable manner, relating to: (I) responsibilities and liabilities of businesses for the production and marketing of packages with certain standards, conditions and qualifications; (II) prevention of the formation of packaging waste, and reduction of the amount of unavoidable packaging waste to be disposed of by using reuse, recycling and recovery methods; (III) management of packaging wastes within a significant management system, including deposit management and zero-waste management systems; (IV) implementation of a deposit management system; and (V) activities to be carried out by the Turkish Environment Agency in line with its duties and authorities in the management of packaging and packaging wastes. This Regulation shall apply to all packages and their wastes released in the market. This Regulation aims to ensure the collection of packaging wastes within the scope of the zero-waste management system in line with the provisions of the Zero Waste Regulation. Furthermore, the responsibilities and liabilities of individuals and businesses are determined within the Polluter Pays Principle and Extended Producer Liability concepts. The mandatory deposit management will be implemented as of 1 January 2022 for glass, polyethylene terephthalate and aluminum packages of drinks. Moreover, this Regulation sets out specific targets for recycling and recovering in general as well as for certain types of products.
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This Regulation enters into force on the day it is published in the Official Gazette.
The provisions of this Regulation are governed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.
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Official Gazette No. 31523, 26th of June 2021.
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