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Environment Management Act (Atmospheric Pollution Control) Regulations, 2009 (Cap. 20:27).

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These Regulations, made under the Environmental Management Act, provide rules for the control of activities that may cause air pollution. Subject to subsection (4), for the purpose of section 63 of the Act, no person who engages in any of the following activities (a) the burning of waste at a landfill; or (b) the burning of vehicle tyres; or (c) the burning of bitumen; or (d) the burning of metallic wire coated with any material ; or (e) the burning of oil in the open air; or (f) the operation of an incinerator; or (g) any activity that causes the emission of a pollutant into the atmosphere; shall, in the course of that activity, emit any substance into the atmosphere in excess of the amount prescribed in the Third Schedule for the activity concerned. For the purpose of section 68 of the Act the emission standards for motor vehicles shall be those set out in the Fifth Schedule. Licences shall be issued by the Environment Protection Agency in accordance with specified classes. The Regulations also provide for inspections, and testing or monitoring of emissions. There shall be a carbon tax.
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