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Parks and Wildlife (General) Regulations 1990.

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These Regulations, as in accordance with the provisions of section 116 of Zimbabwe Parks and Wild Life Act (first publication 1975), are setting issues and rules meant as basic provisions for the management of nature and wild life assets within national parks and wild life areas or estates. Definitions of terms and names, general provisions regarding parks and wild life estate including exemptions and , special provisions relating to areas of the parks and wild life estate, hunting in the parks and wild life estate, fishing and sailing in the waters of the parks and wild life estate, pollution of the waters of the parks and wild life estate, special provisions relating to leased areas of the parks and wild life estate, powers of director and officers within the parks and wild life estate, protected indigenous plants, hunting, removal, viewing and sale of animals and animal products, weapons for hunting, professional hunters, learner professional hunters and professional guides, breeding and production of reptiles and amphibia, trophy dealers, ivory and horn, fishing-nets, and related fees and charges all topics closely defined in this text.
In the Annex the following contents are attached: first schedule: parts of the parks and wild life estate where permission is required before entry or departure; second schedule: plants of which records are to be kept; third schedule: animals which shall be hunted with specified weapons; fourth schedule: register of hunting safaris for nonresident clients; fifth schedule: form of register and return of amplubia and reptiles; sixth schedule: forms of registers and returns for ivory dealers, trophy dealers and registered dealers in, or manufacturers of, fishing-nets; seventh schedule: specified officers and distinctive marks; eighth schedule: certificate of ownership of ivory and horn; ninth schedule: appropriate fee for searches, assistance and safeguarding of property; tenth schedule: badge of the department; eleventh schedule: repeals.
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Statutory Instrument 362 of 1990.
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