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Law No. 11/2016 regulating the possession and protection of animals.

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The purpose of this Law, consisting of 44 articles divided into seven Titles, is to regulate the protection, possession, treatment, handling, trade and exploitation of domestic and wild animals, whether they are native or non-native fauna. It applies to species and their products or derived parts, excepting the transport of parts obtained through the hunting or fishing activities, regulated by the specific provisions in accordance with article 1.2. For the purposes of this Law, the animals for assistance and therapy are included in the category of pets. The scope of application of this Law does not extend to hunting and fishing activities and its management, which are regulated by specific provisions. The purpose of this Law is to achieve the maximum level of protection and welfare of all animals that are produced, reproduced, fattened and generally raised to obtain products or to provide services, either for self-consumption or for commercialization, and to promote greater responsibility of citizens in the defense and preservation of animals. Animals are endowed with physical and psychic sensibility, as well as voluntary movement. No one can cause suffering or ill-treatment to animals. Pets cannot be subject to seizure in any judicial proceeding. The Government must pay particular attention to control infectious and parasitic diseases in all types of animals that may be detrimental to people and animal populations, and is empowered to take necessary measures to preserve human and animal health. Animal health control must be carried out by official veterinary services.
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This Law enters into force on the day after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Principality of Andorra.
This Law has been revised and republished by Legislative Decree of 30 May 2018.
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Llei 11/2016, del 28 de juny, de tinen a i de protecci d animals.