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Regulatory Administrative Act no. 427 of 2008. Decree concerning prevention and combating certain diseases of aquatic animals.

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This Decree, for purpose of harmonisation with the European Directive of the Council 2006/88/EC on animal health control requirements, aquaculture and their products and related to prevention and the fight against certain diseases of aquatic animals, as amended by the Directive 2008/53/EC and implementing article 7 c of the Animal Health Law of 2001, concerns: sanitary requirements applicable to placing on the market, importing and the transit of aquaculture animals and their products; the minimum preventive measures aimed at increasing the awareness and preparedness of the Authority, of business producers in aquaculture, with regard to diseases in aquaculture animals; the minimum control measures to be taken in case of suspicion of some diseases in aquatic animals. The following relevant terms are defined: wild aquatic animals, as aquatic animals which are not aquaculture animals; disease; increased mortality; marketing; ornamental aquatic animals; recreational fishing facilities; flat, as holdings subject to common biosecurity system including population of aquatic animals with different sanitary disease-specific status; recreational fishing facilities; approved processing facility; holding; epidemiological unit; aquaculture production company; vulnerable species; aquacultural animals; zone; disease-free zones or compartments; farming; quarantine; common biosecurity system; contamination; further processing; relocation area; production area; restriction area; temporary cessation of cultivation; aquaculture; aquatic animals, including: fish, molluscs, crustaceans.
Matters covered by this Decree concern: aquaculture production facilities and approved processing facilities, including:license for the production; prohibition of creating a processing facility in aquaculture where animals are killed for disease control purposes; official controls; keeping of registers and traceability; hygienic procedures; animal health surveillance system; Animal health control requirements for marketing, including: applicable disease, measures taken by Competent Authority, disease prevention requirements during transport, health certification of animals, aquaculture animals intended for culture and stock enrichment, aquaculture animals and vulnerable species, aquaculture animals and products intended for human consumption, release of wild aquatic animals in zones designated as exempt from diseases; animals and aquaculture products from third countries; measures for the control of disease of aquatic animals; measures in case of suspected listed disease: epizootic research; control measures in case of exotic and non-exotic disease; control measures in case of emerging diseases; alternative measures and national provisions; control programmes and vaccinations; declaration of disease-free State; competent authorities and laboratories; inspections and sanctions; appendices.
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Official Gazette of Cyprus Republic no. 4315 of 2008, Appendix III, Part 1, Regulatory and Administrative Acts.
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. . . 427/2008. 2008