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Act on on environmentally friendly design of energy-related products (No. 2166 of 2021).

Type of law
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Purpose of the Act is to promote the development and use of energy efficient and environmentally friendly energy-related products in order to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact of product life cycles. It applies to all forms of traded energy-related products, as well as components thereof. The Minister of Climate and Energy sets rules concerning specific categories of energy-related products which must meet at least on requirement such as: application of energy used, assessment of environmental product performance and consideration of alternative design solutions, availability of energy information on the product manufactured for consumers.
The Act consists of 7 Chapters: Scope and definitions (1); Requirements for energy-related products (2); Market Surveillance, prohibition (3); Delegation to other state authorities, bodies, etc. (4); Appeals (5); Penalty (6); Entry into force and amendment provisions (7).
Date of consolidation/reprint
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This Act enters into force when published in the Official Gazette.
Consolidated version of the Act on environmentally friendly design of energy-related products No. 308 of 2008.The Act does not apply to Greenland nor the Faroe Islands.
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Bekendtg relse af lov om milj venligt design af energirelaterede produkter.