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Order No. 1179 on food control and public notification of their results.

Type of law

The Order applies to the food control activities and public notification of their results. Control reports occurring on a regular basis help classify and label the quality status of food being traded by retail and wholesale companies. "Elite" companies acquire such status after the latest 4 regular control reports resulting in full compliance with regulations of Food legislation standard requirements. The quality system adopted must comply with an internationally recognized standard in adherence to EU regulations and must be carried out by an accredited certification body signatory to the EA's (European co-operation for Accreditation) multilateral agreement on mutual recognition.
The Order consists of 5 Chapters and 6 Appendices: Food Control (1); Publication of test results (2); General provisions (3); Penalty provisions (4); Entry into force (5).
Appendix 1 - Standard frequency for retailers.
Appendix 2 - Standard rates for retail companies with elite status.
Appendix 3 - Standard rates for wholesale companies and retail wholesale business.
Appendix 4 - Standard rates for wholesale companies and retail wholesale business with elite status.
Appendix 5 - Categorization including following symbols:
Appendix 6 - Label with elite business symbol.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
Entry into force on 1 January 2013.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bekendtg relse om f devarekontrol og offentligg relse af kontrolresultater.