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Order No. 1399 on monitoring of surface water, groundwater, protected areas and natural surveillance in international nature conservation areas.

Type of law

This Order sets out regulations for the development of monitoring programs for waterbodies status of international natural reserves and protected areas, including evaluation and classification thereof. The Danish Nature Agency shall regulate and establishes these programmes within each river basin district and for each of their management plan period. The purpose of this Order is for the Agency to identify any significant and sustained upward trends in concentrations of pollutants, groups of pollutants and indicators of pollution found in water bodies or groups of bodies which, under basic analysis, are characterized as threatening to health. Programmes for surface water monitoring should include 1) the monitoring of organic and chemical status and potential in accordance with the specifications in Appendix 1; and 2) the monitoring of quantitative and chemical status of groundwater in accordance with the specifications in Appendix 2. Threshold values for pollutants and indicators of pollution in groundwater shall adhere to procedures in Appendix 3, while threshold values are indicated in Appendix 4.
Appendix 1 - Monitoring of surface water organic and chemical status, and organic potential.
Appendix 2 - Monitoring of groundwater quantitative and chemical status.
Appendix 3 - Evaluation of monitoring results and classification of waterbodies status.
Appendix 4 - Threshold values for groundwater bodies.
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Entry into force notes
19 December 2014.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bekendtg relse om overv gning af overfladevandets, grundvandets og beskyttede omr ders tilstand og om naturoverv gning af internationale naturbeskyttelsesomr der.