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Nature Conservation Act (No. 1392 of 2022).

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This purpose of this Act is to preserve Denmark's landscape and environment so that society can develop on a sustainable basis in respect for human living conditions and preservation of animal and plant life. It particularly applies to the protection of nature, wild animals and plants and their habitats; to the improvement, creation and restoration of wildlife and cultural sites; to providing public access in the wild. The administration and powers are used in order to combat sand drift and increase forest area, restoring wetlands and river valleys, for water environment improvement purposes.
This Law consists of 14 Chapters and 5 Appendix: Purpose (1); General protection provisions (2); International nature conservation areas (2a); Installations in open countryside (3); Public access to nature (4); Protection of plant and animal species (5); Conservation (6); Nature conservation and sand drift control (7); Nature Management (8); Nature Surveillance, counseling, etc. (9); Administration (10); Inspection (11); Environmental damage to protected species or international conservation areas (11a); Appeals and legal proceedings (12); Penalties (13); Entry into force and transitional provisions (14).
Appendix 1 - Journal of ancient monuments without protection line.
Appendix 2 - Journal on activities with duty to report.
Appendix 3 - List of species included in the habitat Directive Annex IV, which is domiciled and protected in Denmark in adherence to articles 29a and 30 (section 2).
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The Act does not apply to Greenland nor to the Faroe Islands.
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Bekendtg relse af lov om naturbeskyttelse.
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