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Forest Act (LBK no. 690 of 2023).

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The Act aims to preserve and protect the country's forests. It also seeks to improve the productivity of forests, to increase the total forest area and to provide for matters connected with the purposes stated above. Its purpose is to enforce forest sustainability to suitable areas by implementing national plans providing funding for forest management, development of forest derivates and timber industry, information, guidance and research to assure advice the identification of natural habitat
It consists of 11 Chapters and 1 Appendix: Purpose (1); Extent of forest protection (2); Use of protected forest areas (3); Protection of natural habitats and their species (4); Subsidy and production taxes (5); Monitoring, technical assistance (6); Administration (7); Supervision, inspection and injunctions (8); Environmental damage to protected species or to international nature conservation areas (8a); Appeals and legal proceedings (9); Penalty and confiscation (10); Entry into force and transitional provisions (11).
Annex 1 - Activities to be notified in adherence to article 17.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of the Forest Act No. 453 of 2004.The Act does not apply to Greenland nor to the Faroe Islands.
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Bekendtg relse af lov om skove.
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