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Order No. 292 on water quality and supervision of water supply systems.

Type of law

The Order establishes quality requirements for drinking water, including water used for medicine and for human consumption, and applies to studies, control and monitoring of water supply systems.
It consists of 10 Chapters and 11 Appendices: Scope and purpose (1); Criteria for quality of water from water supply systems (2); Inspection of water quality (3); Inspection of water usage (4); Supervision of technical plant (5); Other reporting requirements (6); Information to consumers on water supply and quality (7); Appeals (8); Penalties (9); Entry into force and transitional provisions (10).
Appendix 1a - Quality of drinking water's main constituent.
Appendix 1b - Quality of non-organic trace elements.
Appendix 1c - Quality of organic micro pollutants.
Appendix 1d - Quality requirements for micro biological parameters.
Appendix 2 - Simplified inspection (not public water supply systems).
Appendix 3 - Limited inspection (in water supply construction wiring).
Appendix 4 - Normal inspection (at waterworks).
Appendix 5 - Extended inspection (at waterworks).
Appendix 6 - Inspection of non-organic trace elements.
Appendix 7 - Inspection of organic micro pollutants (at waterworks).
Appendix 8 - Drilling inspections (in individual wells).
Appendix 9 - Test interval of limited inspection (in water supply pipelines).
Appendix 10 - Inspection frequency of water supply systems and associated extraction wells.
Appendix 11 - Inspection frequency for additional control of surface water for the abstraction of drinking water.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
1 April 2014.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bekendtg relse om vandkvalitet og tilsyn med vandforsyningsanl g.