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Water Supply Act (No. 125 of 2017).

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The Act aims to ensure the use and protection of water bodies by implementing a comprehensive planning and following assessment of water supply (quality water supply, environmental protection and nature conservation, use of mineral resources); to coordinating existing water supply for prudent use of water deposits; implementing a planned expansion and operation of adequate and satisfactory quality of water supply; to ensuring quality of drinking water for the protection of human health. Furthermore the Act aims to ensure compliance with the principle of cost recovery, including environmental and resource costs, and pricing with incentive effect. By administering the Act, it is important to ensure water as a public and business need for adequate quality water supply, environmental protection and nature conservation, including conservation of ambient quality, and the use of mineral resources. The Minister of Environment shall implement EU directives and decisions with regard to nature conservation rules, cases and conditions (art. 2). Groundwater and surface water should not be abstracted without authorization (art. 18).
The Act consists of 14 Chapters: Scope and purpose (1); General provisions (2); Planning (3); Water abstraction and water reclamation plants (4); Municipal reporting to the Jupiter database (4a); Other abstractions and discharge of water (5); Amendments and cessation of entitlements in water abstraction (6); Expropriation and property agreements (7); Duty of supply (8); Relationship between supply of public water and consumers (9); Inspection (10); Supervision (11); Environmental damage (11a); Notification of drilling locations (11b); Decisions in water supply matters (12); Appeals (13); Penalties and entry into force (14).
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1 February 2017.
This Act is the consolidated version of Act No. 299 of 8 June 1978.This Act is not applicable to Greenland nor the Faroe Islands.
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Bekendtg relse af lov om vandforsyning.
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