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Order No. 370 on subsidy for the maintenance of wetlands and natural water level conditions.

Type of law

The Order aims to maintaining wetlands in order to improve water environment and nature by reducing the nitrogen and phosphorus loads, as required by the national water plans, and by maintaining natural water level conditions to maintain and improve conservation of habitats and species in especially designated Natura2000 areas. The agreed period of financing begins on 1 September of the calendar year in which the project must be completed, and ending on 31 August 20 years later. Criteria for eligibility of subsidy shall be based on the fact that the area is not bound by any other financial agreements (in accordance to Order No. 140 of 10 March 2005 or earlier agri-environmental measures in accordance to Order No. 893 of 22 september 2005), that the area is not bound by commitments on subsidies for the establishment of buffer zones under the Rural Act and pursuant to Order No. 1019 of 26 August 2010. To areas not bound for one calendar year as provided by article 68 of Council Regulation (EC) No. 73/2009. In each of the first three plan periods completed within the commitment period, the number of animal units per. ha may not exceed the number of animal units per. ha in the most recently completed plan period prior to subsidy committment.
The Order consists of Chapter 11 Chapters: Scope and contents (1); Definitions (2); Administration (3); Length of agreement and conditions (4); Changing the agreement and its onset (5); Calculation of subsidy (6); Payment of subsidy (7); Duty of notification (8); Cancellation of agreement and repayment of grants (9); Force majeure (10); Entry into force (11).
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Entry into force notes
1 May 2012.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bekendtg relse om tilskud til fastholdelse af v domr der og naturlige vandstandsforhold.