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Council Directive 2003/43/EC amending Directive 88/407/EEC laying down the animal health requirements applicable to intra-Community trade in and imports of semen of domestic animals of the bovine species.

Type of law

As established by the present Directive, Directive 88/407/EEC in matter of intra-Community trade in and imports of semen of domestic animals of the bovine species shall not affect Community or national zootechnical provisions governing the organization of artificial insemination in general and the distribution of semen in particular. Article 2 (b) giving the definition of semen collection centre is supplemented by inserting the definition of semen storage centre . Article 3 (c) laying down one of the conditions under which Member States shall send semen to the territory of another Member State is replaced. In particular, semen must have been collected and processed or stored if need be in a collection or storage centre or centres approved for the purpose in accordance with article 5 (1), with a view to artificial insemination and for the purposes of intra-Community trade. Article 9 (1) is replaced by the text laid down in article 1 (6) hereto. The lists of semen collection and storage centres from which Member States shall authorize the importation of semen originating in third countries are to be prepared and updated in accordance with this new provision. Lastly, Annexes A to D are replaced by the text contained in the Annex to this Directive.
Date of text
Member States shall bring into force the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with this Directive by 1 July 2004. However, up to 31 December 2004 they may authorize intra-Community trade in and imports of semen that have been collected, processed and stored according to the former provisions prescribed by Directive 88/407/EEC and that are accompanied by the former specimen certificate.
Serial Imprint
Official Journal L 143, 11 June 2003, pp. 23-32.
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