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Council Regulation (EEC) No. 2078/92 on agricultural production methods compatible with the requirements of the protection of the environment and the maintenance of the countryside.

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A Community aid scheme part-financed by the Guarantee Section of the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF) is hereby instituted in order to accompany the changes to be introduced under the market organization rules, contribute to the achievement of the Community' s policy objectives regarding agriculture and the environment, contribute to providing an appropriate income for farmers. This Community aid scheme is intended to promote the use of farming practices which reduce the polluting effects of agriculture, an environmentally favourable extensification of crop farming, and sheep and cattle farming, ways of using agricultural land which are compatible with protection and improvement of the environment, the countryside, the landscape, natural resources, the soil and genetic diversity. This Regulation has been repealed by Council Regulation 1527/99.
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This Regulation entered into force on 30 July 2002.
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CELEX-EUR Official Journal L 215, 30 July 1992, pp. 85-90.
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