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Nature Conservation Act (No. 1096 of 1996).

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The Act aims at: the conservation of biodiversity; the conservation of natural beauty and the landscape, the enhancement of the sustainable use of natural resources (sect. 1). In particular, the aim of the Act is to preserve the diversity of nature in Finland, by ensuring that the favourable conservation status of different natural habitat types and native species is maintained or restored. The Act shall however not apply to the protection and use of forests as has been provided for in the Forestry Act (No. 1093/96) (sect. 2). The Act answers to the most recent conservation needs, and Finland's obligations derived from EU legislation, especially from the EU Bird and Habitats Directives and the international convention on biological diversity. It implements European Communities Council directives 92/43/EC and 79/409/EC.
The text consist of 77 sections which are divided into 12 Chapters: General provisions (1); Nature conservation planning (2); Nature protection areas and natural monuments (3); Protection of specific natural environments (4); Protection of the landscape (5); Protection of species (6) Carrying into effect of nature conservation (7); Prohibition of actions, enforcement and penalties (8); Appeal against decisions (9); Special provisions relative to the European Communities network Natura 2000 (10); Miscellaneous provisions (11); Entry into force (12).
The Act considerably extends the range of measures available for nature conservation. Sensitive areas can now be protected temporarily as well as being designated as permanent nature reserves. Other options include specific management and protection agreements for certain areas, legislation to help preserve certain protected species and areas of their habitat, habitat protection as such, and the designation of areas of valuable landscapes for protection. A nature protection plan shall be prepared by the Ministry of Environment (sect. 7). Areas included in such programme shall be under special protection in accordance with provisions of section 9. The main protection areas are national parks and nature reserves (sects. 10-12). Chapter 6 provides for the protection of wild animals and plants. Section 44 provides rules relative to trade in endangered plant and animals species.
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This Act entered into force on 1 January 1997, except subsection 64(2).
This Act repeals the Nature Conservation Act of 1923.The Swedish version is a consolidation of Act No. 1096 of 1996 as amended by Act No. 627 of 2011.
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Naturv rdslag.
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