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Decree No. 127 of 2009 (IX. 29.) FVM of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development concerning data reporting in viticulture and wine production, rules of issuance of certificate of origin and concerning the production, marketing and labeling of wine products.

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This Decree is composed of 69 articles and divided into 6 parts. Part 1 of the Decree determines the rules of data reporting in viticulture and wine production. Chapter 3 of Part 1 (articles 13-21.), in particular, contains the rules of issuance of certificate of origin for grapes or wine. Part 2 contains rules regarding the production of wine products, Part 3 contains rules on marketing and control of wine products, Part 4 sets forth the rules of labelling, Part 5 contains additional rules and Part 6 determines final provisions.
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The consolidated version of the Decree enetered into force on 15 March 2014.
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Legislation Amendment
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