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Act No. XVIII of 2004 on viticulture and the wine industry.

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This Act regulates the planting, cultivation and felling of vine; the production, distribution and inventory of wine industry products, and the administrative duties and competencies related to viticulture and wine production. The Act is divided into nine Chapters. Chapter I determines the terms used in this Act. Chapter II regards wine growing with special regard to vineyard cadastre and registration, allowed vine species, vineyard planting and felling. Chapter III rules wine industry products, and in particular regulates certain oenological practices (sugar content, storage, registration, brandy production and treatment). Chapter IV deals with the distribution of wine industry products. It contains detailed rules regarding the certificate of origin of grapes and wines, external trade. Chapter V contains special rules regarding the Tokaj Wine Area. Chapter VI determines the competent authorities for viticulture and the wine industry, and their duties, competences (inspection of plantations and premises, control of origin and quality, control of the production process in general, compliance with laws, sanctions and penalties). Chapter VII regards food hygiene and sanitary rules. Chapter VIII provides for data reporting. Final provisions are contained in Chapter IX.
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Entry into force notes
The last consolidated version of the Act entered into force on 17 May 2013.
Publication reference
Magyar K zl ny 44. sz m, 2004. prilis 9., pp. 3841-3853.
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in force
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2004. vi XVIII. t rv ny a sz l termeszt sr l s a borgazd lkod sr l