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Law No. 7/2004 on Water Resources.

Type of law

The present Law (comprehending 100 articles) repeals the prior Law No. 11/1974 and includes the following Chapters: General Provisions (I); Authority and responsibilities (II); Conservation of Water resources (III); Ehnancement and efficiency in the use of water resources (IV); Control over water destructibility (V); Planning (VI); Construction, Operation and Maintenance (VII); Water resources Information System (VIII); Empowerment and Supervision (IX); Financing (X); Right, obligation and role of Community (XI); Coordination (XII); Settlement of dispute (XIII); Class Action and Organization (XIV); Investigation (XV); Criminal Provisions (XVI); Transistional Provision (XVII); Conclusion (XVIII).
The provisions of this Law aim to protect, manage, rationalize the usage, reduce the wastes and supervise the community utilization of aforesaid water resources in order to guarantee water supply, quality and conservation.
In the execution of water resources management, the people are entitled to: obtain information related to water resources management; obtain proper compensation for loss incurred as a result of the execution of water resources management; declare their objection against the announced water resources management plan within a certain period in accordance with local conditions; file reports and claims with the related authority for loss incurred to them regarding the execution of water resources management; etc.
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On the date of its promulgation by publication.
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Business News Nos. 7077-81-82
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