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Resolution No. 77 of 2012 promulgating the Agricultural Quarantine Law No.76 of 2012.

Type of law

This Law, consisting of 23 articles, aims at: regulating circulation of plants, plant products and effective microorganisms; organizing import, export and trading security operations to prevent the entry of agricultural pests and avoid their spread and resettling in Iraq. The aforementioned materials are permitted to entry only having the agricultural health certificate, issued by the plant protection body in the exporting country, ensures the safety from harmful pests.
Responsible authority is the Ministry of Agriculture. It shall achieve the goal by: examining the plant consignments and their products when entering the Republic of Iraq; quarantining contaminated agricultural areas within the State; issuing certificates and safety licenses for all plants and products exported out of Iraq in accordance with international standards. The Public Authority for Plant Protection in the Ministry shall follow all the import, export, selling, planting, reproduction and transport operations of plants and their products or pests or effective microorganisms or living modified organisms (GMO) or soil or any other material capable of harboring or spreading pests. The Law deals also with: the establishment of a Quarantine Committee and indicates its components and tasks; the detailed custom operations when entering or transiting the materials regulated by the provisions of this Law; sanctions and fees or other expenditures required for implementation of this Law.
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Entry into force notes
This Law enters into force 30 days after its publication in the Official Gazette.
The Law repeals Agricultural Quarantine Law No.17 of 1966, maintaining its Directives.
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(76) 2012