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Regulation No. 1104 on the design and installation of sorting grids in shrimp trawls.

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The Regulation sets guidelines on shrimp trawl-fishing for Norwegian and foreign vessels, and sets rules on the distance of the sorting grid spacing which should not exceed 19 mm and which angle of inclination should not surpass 50 degrees (metal grating may not surpass 30 degrees of inclination). It is permitted to use lead panels if the distance between the lower edge and them shall not be inferior to 50 cm. Mesh size here must not be inferior than 35 cm. Specification of the size of panels (aluminum, plastic or steel) may vary and are listed under article 8. This Regulation applies to the territorial waters and economic zone north of 62 N, in the Skagerrak bordering to the west by a straight line through Lindesnes and Hanstholmen lighthouse and to the south by a straight line through the Skagen lighthouse and Tistlarna externally 4 nautical miles from the baseline in the fishery zone around Jan Mayen, the fishery protection zone around Svalbard and its territorial waters.
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Entry into force on 1 January 2013.
Consolidated version as last amended by Decree No. 347 of 2016.
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FOR 2012-11-26 nr 1104: Forskrift om utforming og innmontering av sorteringsrist i reketr l.